Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things #1

Apolagies for the lack of drawing posts recently, i am working on a few things but none are ready to be shared, even at the half way stages that this blog is for. Instead i am presenting lists of things i like very much (having been inspired recently by a slew of awsome blogs i have started to follow.) Its a big mix of things and they are in no particular order...
1. Ice caves

2. medievil headwear

3. vintage group photos

4. this guide to growing your own food without a garden
(if it wont get bigger when you click on it
leave me a comment and i will link to a bigger version)

5. jean augustes ingres pencils

all images from internet serch englines,
apart from a couple of the group photos, these came from the blog of the lovely miss moss
( a site that i have been addicted to for the last few weeks.
more soon.
lou x

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