Wednesday, November 4, 2009


a friend of mine took these photos at out graduate exhibition,
just found them again whilst wasting time on facebook.
thought maybe here was a more productive
place for them.
crown for Queen Bazrah character
made from converted behive wig
(for the shape)
scrap fabric, chain, metal and teeth
the bulbous shap of the crown was
inspired by medieval headwear that
was packed with herbs and such to cover up
the body odur on the royal and wealthy.
the Stormwing species the QB is
in charge of are said to have a
particularly strong stench.

Two costume designs from
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Duchess of Monmouth, whos dress has
featured on this blog before; a bird in a guilded cage
i suppose. The second is the Evening suit for the Painter Basil Hallward
the idea behind his costume was based in mixing a historically
acurate base with something sureal, paint by numbers. as
the play progresses and Basil sinks further into depression
the suits empty spaces would become filled in with
dark navy/greys/blacks and browns so at the start of the play
when his obsession with Dorian is begining he is mainly cream and blank
canvass colours, by the end and the scene of his death he has
become a dark distorted figure.

and finally me, looking very awkward and a little bit tipsy
(free wine...)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


three photos from my first period film. Communion,
set in 1970's Ireland and written and directed by Andrea Harkin.
i was so pleased with how this film came out, at least judging
by these stills and the rushes i saw before the wrap party
(also called bottles of wine amidst packed away set)
i will post up more stills as soon as i can.

all photos by Bread and Shutter.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

gold gold gold

dress made as part of my fourth year at Edinburgh College of art.
evening gown for the Duchess of Monmouth.
Design in general for this play was a mix
of the sureal and fashions from the period.
my sister models it for me i the final

Monday, October 12, 2009

music videos i l-o-v-e

up all night - the young knives.

percussion gun - white rabbits

Rabbit in your headlights from Chris Miller on Vimeo.

rabbit in your headlights - unkle and thom york

3 of the 8795,22002.8 music videos i adore.

Monday, September 28, 2009

the irrepressibles

some rough ideas for costumes for the band/orchestra The Irrepressibles
there music is a mixture of classical sounds/pop lyrics/art
/melancholy and showmanship.

the idea behind these costumes is the warping of something recognisable.

evening suits and dresses with shades of vintage bursting at the seams with flowers wax and threads,

seeming to come half from the clothes and half from the people underneath.

below is a video of a few of the bands performances, i love some of the previous costumes and the cover that soundtracks this show reel...

sister sister

polaroids from my sisters short film experiment...
all the costume and jewlery (save for a slip and the gloves)
come from my costume collection.

the theme was burlesque but with a reverse strip-tease twist
turning the film from seduction into surealisum....
it was cool watching my sister work
her website:

paper planes


Fourth year of eca. one of my final costumes
Queen Bazrah: a Banshee style creature with
wings of metal and a crown of teeth.

original design


Film by Eca Student Steven Shand
costume commision, working from Stevens design (below)
and his request for an old fashioned style all in one.

stephen joseph in the round


Lions - Jonquil from Steve Warne on Vimeo.

On Set

because of time restraintes the short film i am currently woring on will be the first
that i cannot be on set for all times during filming, its a strange feeling. its not
just lack of control over last minute changes and the look but also that i
genuinlly enjoy being on sets.the long hours, tensions, pressure and wierd food
dont bother me. i like watching all the little bits that everyone involved has worked
seperatlyon come together. below are a backstage photos from different projects.

Hazel- me and make up (holly) getting lead actress shian denovan ready for the
tourture scene.the holes and slashes in the dress has to match up with make-ups false
cuts and burns... hence the two of us working simultainiously up in the
wardrobe/costume room.

shian being kept warm between takes.

filming the sunbathing scene. in april. in november.
black and white photographs by Marianne Dillon.

holly and a prop cake. first day of filming and meeting everyone at hazel.

Keeping warm and rehursing at the same time.
on set for Stopover in the hills of scotland.

Walt - stills photographer attacking the wood block.
we spent a week and a bit living in the cottage we filmed in....
One of the two Juliens i worked with several times in edinburgh.
the other would be julian krubasik, director of Flashed.

Philipe, Director of Last Supper, watches play back in the dark of the set.

Attempting to plaster/paint the set.
Boots and shoes waiting for a second layer of mud.

Break between filming for Flashed.

Rapid change costume and make up for Flashed.

the end.


My first experience assisting on a profesional shoot.
music video for the Long Blondes

Horse comb

trying a new layout format, with everything centred in the middle... not sure if i like this or the old way more...
self portraight from when i was 16/17 ish. part of a sixth form project
layers of screen print on thin paper, one layer for bone, one for muscle, one for
ideas/symbols ect and a final one for skin. free hand sewn
together then picked at till all the layers are visable but you can still tell its a face.
my face to be exact. made my mum freak out - she said it looked like i was rotting.
horse comb. from around the same time

section of a larger drawing from 2 years ago.
our life drawing teacher at eca always made the models
wear or hold the oddest things, ace for drawing
such as this fake baby fawn...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Spring/Summer/Autumn cleaning

starting this week this blog is getting hung up by the ankles and given a good scrub. i have been ignoring it somewhat of late but i think its definatly time to sort it out.... scanner and camera abuse starts now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

a little less conversation....

help! i need to pick one of these to use as a business card front. oh dear.....