Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A film i worked on a little while ago is finally releasing some of its stills, so for my portfolio website i am going to pair these with my costume designs. Unfortunatly the original designs got lost somewhere in the pitt that is my room, so i re-doing them, below is the sketch base for one of the charecters - just a little taster...

Monday, March 28, 2011

perspective practise

Just some perspective practise using ladies from fashion editorials... more soon


Ive been seeing these everywhere, so i decided to do one for myself...

Friday, March 25, 2011

idio idio idio

So im working on a book project with my sisters (2 of them - both lovely and talented) which will be some parts writting and some parts drawing, my contribution is all art, as writting brings out in me a fear usually reserved for hitchcock movies and the like. one is a six page series and the other two sets of two page spreads, the rough work below is one of the two page spreads entitles 'whitch fights' the name pretty much sums up the entire concept - can you tell i have been reading waaay to much Terry Pratchett books...

the baisic idea is two sets of fights between witches of different cultures or sterotypes: salem, aztec, kanji and pagan. if i had the time i would do whole series for each fight but instead i am picking one moment from each and illustrating it in in and watercolour. with this project im trying to push myself in my ability to represent space, movement and angle - i want these pages to be visually arresting hence why this layout below has been rejected - its to flat.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things #1

Apolagies for the lack of drawing posts recently, i am working on a few things but none are ready to be shared, even at the half way stages that this blog is for. Instead i am presenting lists of things i like very much (having been inspired recently by a slew of awsome blogs i have started to follow.) Its a big mix of things and they are in no particular order...
1. Ice caves

2. medievil headwear

3. vintage group photos

4. this guide to growing your own food without a garden
(if it wont get bigger when you click on it
leave me a comment and i will link to a bigger version)

5. jean augustes ingres pencils

all images from internet serch englines,
apart from a couple of the group photos, these came from the blog of the lovely miss moss
( a site that i have been addicted to for the last few weeks.
more soon.
lou x