Friday, December 10, 2010


Hello all, apologies about the lack of posts and the sketchy
nature of this post and the last. there are two main reasons:
1. i have been busy or ill for a while and now i am finally having some time of i am
spending most of it reading books and sleeping
2. i have somehow lost my watercolour set, this is not encouraging me to draw and
hopefully i will get a new set for Xmas.
Also it is winter and i think i might be part bear, all i want to do is hibernate,
and maybe eat Salmon...
Been reading allot of terry Pratchett - this being two characters from Equal Rites
Granny weatherwax and Eskerina
(i wish i had my paints as i would love to colour them....)

Doodles from my book of lists - whoop. thats all x