Sunday, June 29, 2008

sunburnt eyeballs.

its really bloody sunny up here in the north.
i likes it. makes me feal all warm in the head. or maybe thats just because ive been eating nothing but goats cheese for 3 days.
tasty tasty.

above: another jerkalert photo turned drawing this time of the lovely duke spirit.

obsessed with the mgmt song pieces of what, there frikin cool. ound like a childrens choir who have broken into a keyboard factory and eated all the computer bits. ROBO-CHILD musician of the future.

above is what happens when i wake up stupidly early and cant fall back asleep yet also cant be arsed to function normally.

i write swearwords and draw spirals.

productivity = ovverated.

im going to go sit in a park and stare at strangers through my sunglasses.

creepy creepy creepy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a little less conversation....

blah. people and poses taken from the photography of
she has many talents and a fine taste in wine....

girls with megaphone. rockness 2008
frightend rabbit (fucking amazing band.... yup yup yup)
man dancing in the dark.
the above is not one of Sara's photos, its from a compilation cd i made for my little sis.... found it today whilst lookin for comic books and socks. class.

bu-bye for now.

Monday, June 16, 2008


more sketchbook stuff. i need to get back into using colour again, its alot easyer shuffling round wuth just a few biro's but i miss my felt tip pens.

the above is sad but true, owing to my compleate lack of organisational skills i never ever remeber to bring money to festivals. tennents is fine thou, lots of vitimans in em an that, of course i forget the above mention money, a toothbrush, a camera and a pair of sock. yet i remember a dinosaur mask.
i really have no idea why....


i had a plan, up until an hour ago of saving all my lovely hard earned cash for the summer in london. then i had to just have a quick look in the wonderful vintage shops that i happen to alk past almost every day.

i now am broke again and the owner of two lovely 50's dresses. one is a brown velvet mini dress with white fur hemmint the cuffs, the other a sky blue day dress with white lace detail and coverd buttons.


but they are very pretty.

Friday, June 13, 2008

i dislike compters greatly, especially the ones at my university. i have been avoiding there phonecalls and postcards whilst burning myself at badly organised festivals and hastily put-together barbiques (i have no idea how to spell that word) i have been so lazy recently, the only drawings i have done have been doodles in notebooks and in the backs of dayplanners...
et voila.

i really have no clue if anyone looks at this but if you do, sorry for the lack of drawings recently, i shall try and keep up in future....

currenlty enjoying, chemistry books, green nails, black clothing, tattoos on hands, photographers, canadians (x), bubblegum, buffy the vampire slayer, the meadows, permanent marker, cocktails and student loans...