Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future future

Apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks - my life has gone from around 20 to 90mph, with lots of other confusing things thrown in. Much more work - still unpaid of course, but one is a feature which will be a first for me and I'm rather excited/nervous about it. Also got play, short and another NGC episode on the go at the same time, considering i was thinking about chucking the towel in for a bit in terms of costume a few weeks ago this is pretty cool/terrifying and i'm feeling like i can handle it/will fail and die in a pool of shame (i flip between these two sets of feelings so often i wasn't sure what to write) In other news my sister moved home after uni, I started boxing lessons and my first ever exercise routine, had a lovely birthday with lovely gifts and lovely friends, started to let my hair grow out, bought a Joe Strummer t-shirt from eBay, learnt how to make amazing biscuits, made some new friends who live far away, reading four books at the same time (ADD brain), added a butt-load of music to my library and... finally finished the bunny film! after the main block of filming me, Matt, Leonie and Patt went back to the sight and filmed the close ups of the death mask and dying breaths of the giant man/bunny thing... photos of fun times below (some by me better ones by Leonie)

Matt and camera vs clay hill of crumblyness

Patt and his creation

Leonie and her crosswords

myself and mr bunny (also this above looks like that below)

Bye for now.