Thursday, February 28, 2008

university blues.

before me teachers let me make this, i have to find a pair of twins..


Saturday, February 23, 2008

just a little one.

i always end up drawing in the wrong places, empty art books and magazines coverd in doodles. bit of a wast of paper eh. new hair 16/2/08
:) =
comic books, especially frank quietly and mike allred, post secret sunglasses, the futurheads, jumpers that are woolen, cheese and biscuits, tweed and boys deodrant. plus teeth.
not much this week, im sleepy and have much to do.. fun though.

Monday, February 11, 2008

paper diamond.

every week: one piece of paper (art)
and several things i may be currently obsessed with
the letter O being todays theme:

odd cigarette.

this in particular the paper diamond. found on
to fiddly for me as a child, but getting older and somewhat slower or maybe more patient has changed that. i find myself making tiny little areoplanes boats boxes and the above when my hands are left alone for to long.

old copies of vogue,
i have recently discoverd my university library has these dating back to the 1900's, i love the illustrations in the 30's ones, and the early photography...
typing of photography (i would say speaking but technicly im not) i wish i took more , or at least took better ones pictures always talk louder than words to me.
this blog is quite a random thing i have decided sortof on a whim to do, im hoping it will encourage me to draw more, entertain someone pherhaps or at least be somewhere for me to catalogue my ever changing tempory obsessions. this week including carrot juice, robyn (the singer), fizzy strawberry sweets, taxidermy, arrows, black nail varnish and men's clothing.
wait and see...