Wednesday, November 4, 2009


a friend of mine took these photos at out graduate exhibition,
just found them again whilst wasting time on facebook.
thought maybe here was a more productive
place for them.
crown for Queen Bazrah character
made from converted behive wig
(for the shape)
scrap fabric, chain, metal and teeth
the bulbous shap of the crown was
inspired by medieval headwear that
was packed with herbs and such to cover up
the body odur on the royal and wealthy.
the Stormwing species the QB is
in charge of are said to have a
particularly strong stench.

Two costume designs from
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Duchess of Monmouth, whos dress has
featured on this blog before; a bird in a guilded cage
i suppose. The second is the Evening suit for the Painter Basil Hallward
the idea behind his costume was based in mixing a historically
acurate base with something sureal, paint by numbers. as
the play progresses and Basil sinks further into depression
the suits empty spaces would become filled in with
dark navy/greys/blacks and browns so at the start of the play
when his obsession with Dorian is begining he is mainly cream and blank
canvass colours, by the end and the scene of his death he has
become a dark distorted figure.

and finally me, looking very awkward and a little bit tipsy
(free wine...)