Tuesday, July 15, 2008

black and white eyes.

ive been at t in the park. and also homeless.
so no new drawings for a bit. because homeless-ness plus general lazyness = sitting on park benches and mumbling. then sleeping on various sofa's and mumbling in my sleep.
i used to have a myspace for my drawings. but after the 70th friend request from a woman in a pvc bikini and a really really bad band made of photo-in-the-mirror boys i gave up. so i shall be adding all the doodles that used to be on there. slowly slowly. like a row boat. a little bit.

above is a friend of mine, asleep on a coach (glasgow to edinburgh) he has nice-face. but tricky arms to draw.

this was sone on a plane (prague to edinburgh) the words on the top come from the saftey instructions for when crash landing on water. i like the way it sounds.. though not the whole idea.
bored in a lecture a while ago. ink and spit. class.

and a beutiful if not a little heartwrenching phot of judy garland, back stage.