Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cat Vs Girl

Every year a very talented artist called Harvey James sets up a challenge on his live journal account in which he draws several (around 40 to 60 i think) small wierd cats. The challenge is to pick a cat - and draw and girl

Recently i have been having a hard time thinking of projects for myself, hence the fuck-ton of old sketchbook posts and edge of the page doodles. But this thing, that i came accross by accident and was far far to late for the actual submissions date was fun and led to three drawings that i quite like. They need colour, but i am still to skint to buy a new box of watercolours so they will have to go without for now.

These are the cats i picked:

And these are the Girls:

(the reason for the arm gap is that i wanted to move them closer
together using photoshop, but i cant work out the bloody layers)

You can see all the amazing entried that made it in on time here:
and the rest of his Lj account here:

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